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phosphamidon (Dimecron) Voluntary Cancellation 7/90

Agricultural Division                                   CIBA-GEIGY

CIBA GEIGY Corporation
P.O. Box 18300
Greensboro, North Carolina 27419
Telephone 9l9 632 6000

July 23, 1990

Dear Cooperator:


CIBA-GEIGY has decided to phase out from its product line insecticides 
containing the active ingredient phosphamidon.  Phosphamidon has been 
marketed under the trade name Swat(TM) for control of insects and mites 
on cotton and under the name phosphamidon for control of aphids on 

CIBA-GEIGY notified the Environmental Protection Agency on May 30, 1990, 
that it would like to voluntarily cancel its phosphamidon registration.

High registration and reregistration costs, and limitations on our 
research and development budget, are major factors in decisions to 
continue to support product registrations and develop new products.  As 
a result, we are not able to devote our limited resources to satisfying 
the regulatory requirements for products with relatively low farmer 
demand, such as phosphamidon.  In addition, there are other viable 
alternatives for use in the cotton and apple markets to control the 
insect pests controlled by phosphamidon.

Phosphamidon will continue to be sold by CIBA-GEIGY at least until May 
1991 or until inventories are depleted, whichever comes first.  After 
that, distributors and dealers may continue to sell phosphamidon to 
which they have title.  Phosphamidon application by farmers will also be 

If you have any questions on this action, please feel free to call me at 
(919) 632-2171.

Sincerely yours,

J. F. Ellis, Ph.D.
Biological Research