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sulfluramid (GX-071) EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet 3/89

                       EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet

Name of Chemical:  SULFLURAMID
Date Issued:  MARCH 23, 1989
Fact Sheet Number:  205

                  1. DESCRIPTION OF THE CHEMICAL

- Generic Name:  N-Ethyl Perfluorooctanesulfonamide
- Common Name:  Sulfluramid
- Trade Name:  GX-071
- EPA Shaughnessy Code:  128992
   (OPP Chemical Codes)
- Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Number:  4151-50-2
- Year of Initial Registration:  1989
- Pesticide Type:  Insecticide
- Chemical Family:  Fluorinated Sulfonamide
- Producer:  Griffin Corporation of valdosta, GA


- Target Pests:  Roaches, Ants
- Registered Uses:  Indoor roach trap, indoor ant trap, technical
  manufacturing-use product.
- Methods of Application:  Child resistant bait station.
- Formulations:  Technical, bait station.

                 3.   SCIENCE FINDINGS

Chemical Characteristics:

- Physical State:  Solid Crystals
- Color:  White
- Odor:   None
- Melting Point:  96 degrees C
- Vapor  Pressure:  4.3 x 10-7  mm Hg at 25 degrees C
                    9.99 x 10-7 mm EG at 34 degrees C
- Density:  0.1485 g/ml at 25 degrees C
- Storage Stability:  Stable for a minimum for 1 year when stored in a
  polyethylene bag under ambient conditions.
- Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient: Pow = 3.10
- Flammability: NR
- Solubility:  The Technical Grade of the Active Ingredient does not
  dissolve or disperse in water.

Toxicology Characteristics:

- Technical Formulation:
  GX-071 Technical
  EPA File symbol 1812-327
- Acute oral Toxicity-Rat : LD50 = 500 mg/kg; Toxicity Category IV
- Single Dose Dermal Toxicity-Rabbits:  LD50 > 2000 mg/kg; Toxicity
  Category III
- Primary Eye Irritation-Rabbits:  Not considered an eye irritant
- Primary Dermal Irritation-Rabbits:  Mild skin irritant. Score of 0.13.
- Delayed Contact Sensitivity - Guinea Pigs:  Data gap.
- Salmonella/Mammalian Activation Gene Mutation Assay:
  Negative up to the limits of solubility (624 ug/plate and above) and
  dosing (tested up to 10,000 ug/plate)
- Sister Chromatid Exchange in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells:
  Negative for inducing sister chromatid exchange in vitro.
- Rat Primary Hepatocyte unscheduled DNA Synthesis Assay:  Data gap.

End-Use Formulations

Raid Roach Controller II
EPA Registration Number 1812-329
Acute Oral Toxicity Study - Rat
  No deaths occurred following oral exposure to 5 grams/kg.

Raid Ant Controller II
EPA Registration Number 1812-330
Acute Oral Toxicity Study - Rat
  No deaths occurred following oral exposure to 5 grams/kg.

Ecological Characteristics:

- Avian Dietary LC50:
  Mallard Duck --> LC50 = 165 ppm
  Bobwhite Quail --> LC50 = 460 ppm
- Avian Oral LD50:
  Bobwhite Quail --> LC50 = 473 mg/kg
- Freshwater Fish LC50:
  Rainbow Trout --> Normal LC50 > 10 ppm
                    Measured LC50 > 2 ppm
- Acute LC50 Freshwater Invertebrate:
  Daphnia pulex --> Normal LC50 > 10 ppm
                    Measured LC50 > 0.21 ppm


- The Agency has determined that it should allow the conditional
  registration of sulfluramid for indoor nonfood use in bait stations to
  control ants and roaches.  Adequate data are available to assess the
  acute toxicological effects of sulfluramid to humans.
- Data Gaps:  Primary Hepatocyte unscheduled DNA Synthesis Dermal
- This registration is conditionally approved with an expiration date of
  September 15, 1990.

                 5. CONTACT PERSON AT EPA

Phillip O. Hutton
Product Manager (17)
Insecticide Rodenticide Branch
Registration Division (H7505C)
Office of Pesticide Programs
Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, S. W.
Washington D. C.  20460

Office location and telephone number:

Room 207, Crystal Mall #2
1921 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA  22202
(703) 557-2690

DISCLAIMER:  The information in this Pesticide Fact Sheet is a summary 
only and is not to be used to satisfy data requirements for pesticide 
registration and reregistration. Contact the Product Manager listed 
above for further information.