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trichlorfon (Dipterex, Dylox) Cancellation of Food Usage

trichlorfon        Miles, Inc. plans to cancel all food uses of
 (Dylox)           its insecticide, Dylox.  They report that the
                   cost of reregistration make continued
                   registration of these uses prohibitive.
                   Cancelled uses will be on ALFALFA,
                   CLOVER, CORN, COTTON, PUMPKINS, SOYBEANS (seed
                   crop), TOBACCO, and TOMATOES.  The only
                   remaining registered uses will be non-food on
                   ornamentals and turf.  Existing stocks of food 
                   use products may be sold or distributed for 18   
                   months after the approval of this change.
          For additional information contact:
                   Dr. Doyle Cohick or Dr. John Ivey
                   Miles, Inc.                  
                   Phone (816) 242-2120             
                   Fax (816) 242-2738          
          Initial source:  Prepublication draft by EPA