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bronopol (Myacide B10) Registration Approval

Mr. Dave Smith
Registration Project Planner
Boots MicroCheck and The Boots Company PLC
Thane Road
Nottingham NG23AA

Dear Mr. Smith:

Re:  Registration of Bronopol-Boots(EPA Req. No. 33753-1)
     Myacide AS(EPA Req. No. 33753-3)
     Myacide AS Plus(EPA Req. No. 33753-5).
     Myacide Sl(EPA Req. No. 33753-6)
     Myacide S2(EPA Req. No. 33753-7)

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has approved your 
application to register the referenced products for use in New York State as 
antimicrobial agents for the industrial uses proposed on the labels.  The 
manufacturing use products, Bronopol-Boots and Myacide AS, are classified as 
general use pesticides. The remaining products, Myacide AS Plus, Myacide Sl 
and Myacide S2 are classified as restricted use pesticides.

The active ingredient bronopol is a new active ingredient.  We reviewed all of 
the information submit registration, and have determined that proper use of 
these products is not likely to result in significant health or environmental 

The approved labels are the federally registered labels as submitted. 
Enclosed, for your records, are the Certificate of Pesticide Registration and 
a copy of the stamped-accepted labels.  Since the Myacide AS Plus, Myacide S1 
and Myacide S2 are sold to distributors in the United States, any distributor 
selling these products under their own name must also have their own 
individual New York State registration.  Please be aware that any label 
changes or amendments must be submitted to this office for approval.

Since these products are classified as restricted use pesticides, please note 
that New York State Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) 33-0901.1 states 
that:  "A commercial permit is required for the distribution, sale, offer for 
sale, purchase for the purpose of resale or possession for the purpose of 
resale of a restricted use pesticide."  Thus, if Boots Microcheck and the 
Boots Company PLC propose to sell or offer for sale any restricted use 
pesticide to any person within New York State, a commercial permit is 
required.  ECL 33-0905.1 further states that:  "Any person who engages in. . 
.the sale of restricted use pesticides shall be certified by the commissioner. 
Therefore, commercial permit holders must employ opr retain under contract at 
least one person who is certified in New York State for the appliction of 
restricted use pesticides.

Also enclosed is information pertaining to commercial permits in New York 
State along with an application form for convenience.  Questions regarding 
commercial permits and certification should be directed to our Bureau of 
Pesticide Regulation at (518) 457-7482.


Norman H. Nosenchuck. P.E.
Division of Hazardous Substances Regulation


cc: w/encs. - D. Rutz - Cornell
    w/encs. - D. Rapp - N.Y.S. Dept. of Ag. and Mrkts.