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chloroform et al. Proposed Revocation of Tolerance Exemptions

      chloroform,         The USEPA has proposed the revocation of
       epichlorohydrin,   exemptions from the requirement of a tolerance
       ethylene           for the seven inert ingredients at the left in
       dichloride,        or on raw agricultural commodities resulting
       hexane, methyl     from the application of pesticide products.
       chloride,          The USEPA has found that the data base for
       perchloroethylene, these inerts is too deficient for an exemption.
       propylene oxide    Written comments should be sent by 3/15/93 to
                          the Public Response Section of the USEPA with
                          reference to OPP-300258.
           For additional information contact:
             Ms. Melissa L. Chun    -or-   Public Response Sec. (H7506C)
             EPA, Registration Div.        EPA, Off. of Pesticide Prog.
             Phone (703) 305-6354          401 M Street, SW
             Fax (703) 308-1848            Washington, DC  20460
           Initial source:  Federal Register 58:4131