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Azocosterol (Ornitrol) - Voluntary Cancellation 11/93

  November 5, 1993

  SUBJECT:  Reregistration Notification

       TO:  Users of the RNN

     FROM:  Dr. Nancy N. Ragsdale
            Director, NAPIAP

  Enclosed is a latest notice of the Reregistration Notification Network

  (RNN) dated November 5, 1993.  This issue of the RNN deals with several

  residue tolerance revocations and pesticide use cancellations.  Of special

  note is the decision by Miles Inc. to cancel their oxydemeton-methyl

  (Metasystox-R) registrations.

                         U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE


                              Volume 3, Number 14

  The intent of this network is to inform interested parties of recent or
  impending pesticide use cancellations, tolerance revocations and other items
  of agricultural interest.  To the best of our knowledge, the uses mentioned
  here, unless otherwise indicated, will not appear on any label registered by
  the USEPA following the uses expected cancellation.  We recommend that you
  express any concerns or questions you have to the contact mentioned below or
  your NAPIAP State Liaison Representative.  If you wish to contact us at USDA,
  our phone number is (301) 504-8846, and our fax number is (301) 504-8063.
  azocosterol HCl    Avitrol Corporation plans to allow its toxicant,
   (Ornitrol)        Ornitrol, to be canceled as of 11/23/93.  It is
                     registered for use on AGRICULTURAL PREMISES for pigeon
                     control.  They feel the cost of reregistration does not
                     justify continued registration.  The registrant will be
                     allowed to sell and distribute their product for 1-year
                     following cancellation; users and retailers will be
                     allowed to use and sell this product until existing
                     stocks are exhausted.

       For additional information contact:
                Mr. Kelly Swindele
                Avitrol Corporation
                Phone (918) 622-7763
                Fax (918) 622-2527

       Initial source:  Federal Register 58(163):44826