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FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendations

Certain limited variations from the use directions specified on pesticide labels are authorized under FIFRA Section 2(ee).

These "2(ee) recommendations" allow:

  1. Use at any dosage, concentration, or frequency less than specified on the labeling.
  2. Use against any target pest not specified on the labeling.
  3. Methods of application not prohibited on the labeling.
  4. Mixtures with fertilizer, unless prohibited on the labeling.

In New York State, all 2(ee) recommendations must be approved in writing by the New York State Department ofEnvironmental Conservation with the exception of those pesticides applied for agricultural purposes at less than label rate and mixtures with fertilizer (item 4 above).

No fee is required for a request for a 2(ee) recommendation.


  1. Anyone receiving approval for a 2(ee) recommendation is responsible for distributing the recommendation to all users of the product pursuant to the approved recommendation.
  2. Any user must have the 2(ee) recommendation in his or her possession at the time of application, e.g., "Cornell Guidelines."

Information required for submission of 2(ee) recommendations:

  1. Requests for approval of 2(ee) recommendations must be made in writing by recognized research institutions, certified crop advisers, manufacturers (registrants), or organizations representing individual users. Individual users may not request approval of 2(ee) recommendations.

  2. Requests must be accompanied by data demonstrating that the use will be effective.