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FIFRA Section 24(c), Special Local Need

Special local need means an existing or imminent pest problem within a State for which the State lead agency, based upon satisfactory supporting information, has determined that an appropriate federally registered pesticide product is not sufficiently available.

Under the authority of §24(c) of FIFRA, states may register a new end use product for any use, or an additional use of a federally registered pesticide product, if the following conditions exist:

  1. There is a special local need for the use within the State.
  2. The use is covered by necessary tolerances, exemptions or other clearances under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act if the use is a food or feed use.
  3. Registration for the same use has not previously been denied, disapproved, suspended or cancelled by the U.S. EPA, or voluntarily cancelled by the registrant subsequent to issuance by U.S. EPA of a notice of intent to cancel that registration because of health or environmental concerns about an ingredient contained in the pesticide product, unless such denial, disapproval, suspension or cancellation has been superseded by subsequent action of the U.S. EPA.
  4. The registration is in accord with the purposes of FIFRA.

Source: Environmental Protection Agency